Kaila Spencer Art, llc

Logos and branding elements

Artistic designs to help your brand stand out. 

Logo portfolio

I have created logos for a wide variety of private and commercial clients. Below are several examples. 


To honor a friend and co-worker.

Realty Logo

For signs and pamphlets. 


A logo that stylistically presents the hemp leaf forming a daisy flower within the center to echo the brand name Day Z CBD.

The William H. Donner Foundation

I created several versions and campaigns to review with the members of the WHDF. These logos reflect the diverse, but collaborative team behind the philanthropic work of this large and significant foundation. To view the entire selection of options click ‘See More’. 

Laura McGowan Art


AMM is a Colorado producer and recording artist. This letter logo was used for stickers and embroidered designs.


Stanzi is a recording artist who commissioned a logo and graphics for her album and website. This logo, which we titled “The Radial”, represents her efflorescence as an emerging artist.

Versa Collective

Wedding Assets

This logo, in combination with other simple graphics, created unique wedding invitations and swag. Having a custom logo that captures the aesthetic of the occasion, ensures that all elements of a celebration can be marked with a memorable visual touch that makes your event stand out. To view the logo in use click ‘See More’. 

From mock-up to wall.


I have been using Adobe products for years and am fully proficient in the following programs, all of which play a role in my design process. I partner with talented, local photographers to create powerful visual campaigns. 

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Stock

  • Procreate

Mural Design and application at The Grove House

My designs are created through a collaborative process with the client. Bring me your ideas and I will render them into reality. Or tell me your goals and allow me to bring inspiration to you. I engage my clients in a back and forth dialogue, and offer multiple options to reach the perfect logo or asset.

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